Gideon Rothschild

rothschild_gideonI am a neuroscience post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Loren Frank at the Center for Integrative Neuroscience at UCSF. My research focuses on the bidirectional interaction between sensory processing and memory: how the representations of meaningful sensory experiences are transformed into long-lasting memories and how memories of previous experiences shape processing of incoming stimuli. I performed my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Adi Mizrahi and Dr. Israel Nelken in the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In my PhD research I used in vivo two photon calcium imaging to study the micro-organization and network dynamics of local neural populations in the mammalian auditory cortex.

UPDATE: I am very excited to announce that I will be joining the Psychology Department at the University of Michigan as an Assistant Professor in September of 2017. My lab will study the neural mechanisms of sensory processing, memory and the interaction between them. We will use electrophysiology, two-photon imaging and optogenetics in the cortex and hippocampus of freely behaving animals as they learn to perform behavioral tasks. We will aim to understand how the brain transforms meaningful momentary sensory representations into long term memories, and how memories of past experiences and behavioral state influence processing of incoming sensory stimuli.

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